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New Mexico Condo insurance quotes will give you the best rates available for your home insurance protection. It's safe to say that your Condo is likely your largest investment.  Hence, it makes great sense to ensure that you have sufficient home insurance coverage to protect yourself from a potentially huge loss. To find your cheapest insurance rates, New Mexico Condo insurance quotes can help.  By taking just a few minutes of your time, you will see how you can save hundreds of dollars on your home insurance needs. 

Are you aware that a mortgage lender will not qualify you for any money unless you have adequate insurance protection?  If you are planning on purchasing a new dwelling, here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you figure out exactly how much coverage you need.

Type of Coverage - Before getting your New Mexico Condo insurance quotes, the first thing you must do is decide what type of coverage you need.  Simply put, there are two different methods in which your insurance policy can cover your Condo 

The first is a cash value option, where the insurance company will pay you a pre-determined set amount for your Condo in the event of a total loss.  This amount is normally the market value of your home at the time you bought it.  So you need to keep in mind that if your Condo is 25 years old and it burns to the ground, you will lose out big time, as the value of your home and the cost to rebuild it, will have increased tremendously over the past 25 years. 

Now this situation can be rectified by making sure you update your policy at least every two or three years. 

The second option is called a replacement cost policy and this one will pay you the value of your Condo at the time of the loss.  In other words, your insurance company will give you the appreciated value of your home.  This will be enough money to replace your home, with no out of pocket expenses thrown into the mix, unless of course you would like to make some upgrades. 

This policy is more expensive but often worth the added expense, as accidents tend to occur when we aren't expecting them. Getting New Mexico Condo insurance quotes will show you the best rates possible on both of these options.   

Figure Out Your Risks - It is very important to understand what risks your insurance policy covers.  The risk of fire is pretty much included in all home insurance policies.  Flood, wind and electrical coverage are fairly standard as well.  Understand, though, that there are circumstances in which some risks are not covered. 

For instance, if you have made previous claims for flooding, this risk will likely be excluded from your policy.  With that said, if you moved, the person that buys your Condo may not be able to get any insurance protection in case of flooding.  The insurance company will see increased risk, and they don't want to be held liable should another water incident occur.

Comprehensive insurance will cover all risks.  Although if you live in an area prone to natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, your insurance company may have excluded that risk from all policies.  Regardless, this type of insurance will cost you a little more because it protects you more securely. Using New Mexico Condo insurance quotes, you can compare various comprehensive policies to see which is the cheapest for you.

Personal Belongings

You will need to figure out the value of your personal possessions by calculating how much it would cost to replace them.  It is also wise to take photos or video of them, just in case you ever need to make a claim. 

Then you need to determine how you want them covered.  There are two ways to do this.  The first is referred to as cash value.  This is where your insurance company will pay you the cash value of your item when you purchased it.  In other words, it takes depreciation into account.  So if you had a Jacuzzi that was three years old and it was destroyed in a fire, the insurance company would only give you the value of it three years ago.  Chances are if you wanted to buy the same thing today, you would have to pay for the difference yourself. 

The advantages here are that your monthly payments will be a little lower than option 2.

With option 2, referred to as replacement cost value, your insurance company would replace your lost item with a brand new one.  So if your leather sofa was 20 years old, you would get a brand new sofa of the same quality.  Your advantage is that you will have no extra expenses.  Of course this option will give you a higher rate.

Liability Decision

You will need to figure out how much liability coverage you'll need.  This is when the insurance company will protect you if someone hurts themselves on your property.  Your insurance company will pay for any medical bills, replace any damaged items and should they decide to sue, your insurance company will pay for lawyers. 

Use these factors to figure out which type of home insurance best suits your needs.  Then use New Mexico Condo insurance quotes to find your cheapest rates!

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